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The number of residential properties sold at auctions has risen over the past years. With the current credit crunch and interest rate hikes Edinson Volquez Rangers Jersey , many homeowners can no longer afford their mortgages and are forced to have their properties repossessed. These recent years have shown that unaffordable interest rates have led to a lot of repossessions and therefore, quite a number of lots have been available for auction, go to www.auction-entrepreneur-kit-com with the continuing high cost of mortgages in the United Kingdom today, more and more homes are put under the gavel to be sold at auctions. The auction house is becoming a popular venue and a quick way to sell properties which have been repossessed. Repossessions are indeed unfortunate events for the homeowner. The number of repossessed houses has greatly increased and is becoming quite a worrisome trend. Since most of these residences are sold at prices well below market value Matt Moore Rangers Jersey , this poses encouraging news for the property investor. By purchasing a repossessed home at a property auction, an investor can easily obtain a reasonable property at a bargain price. Buying at an auction works for many 芒鈧€?whether you are an investor building a portfolio or a buyer set on purchasing your first home. The main attraction of an auction is that it is relatively fuss-free. The property can be purchased without going through the tedious rounds of negotiations, as long as the vendor芒鈧劉s minimum price, called the 芒鈧渞eserve芒鈧劉 is met by the highest bidder. In most residential property auctions Jon Niese Rangers Jersey , prices are usually well below market price. Sometimes, the reason for the rock-bottom prices is something that buyers should be wary about. Some of these houses are in poor conditions, have defects in the legal title, are being occupied by squatters or will be adversely affected by proposed infrastructure or road developments can visit www.mining-auction-gold these are the caveats that first-time home buyers need to be aware of. But for the most part Bartolo Colon Rangers Jersey , properties sold at auctions are reasonable and are indeed a good buy. Most auctioned properties are distressed sales or repossessions, wherein the owner has become financially unable to keep up with the mortgage payments on his property and needs to sell his property to obtain cash quickly. As a first-time bidder at an auction, keep a lookout for properties marked with the words 芒鈧渇or sale by mortgagee in possession.芒鈧劉 This is usually a clue that the house being up for sale is a repossessed property. It is possible to get good deals at an auction. But of course, one needs to know how an auction operates beforehand. For many Martin Perez Rangers Jersey , it is best to go to a few auctions as a spectator before actually bidding and participating in one to learn the ropes and pick up some tips. Once you have eyed a property, it is best to lean on the safe side and conduct a survey and legal checks. Though this could initially cost quite a bit of money, this could definitely save you money in the long run.

HANOI, May 10 (Xinhua) -- A Vietnamese economist said in capital Hanoi on Tuesday that the country's average economic growth set for the 2016-2020 period at 6.5-7 percent annually is "very ambitious and hard to realize."

Nguyen Duc Thanh, President of Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) under the Hanoi-based Vietnam National University, made the remarks at a launching ceremony of Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2016 held in Hanoi on Tuesday.

Thanh, editor of the report titled "Forging new foundations for economic growth," said at the launch that Vietnam's economic productivity has been shrinking constantly in the past five years, along with the country's failure to realize 10 out of 26 socio-economic goals set by the National Assembly (NA).

This requires urgent demand for establishing new effective foundations for mid-term and long-term economic growth, according to a press release by VEPR.

Among 27 economic prospect scenarios that the report brings out for Vietnam during 2016-2020, the country's gross domestic product (GDP) expansion is largely forecast to stay at around six percent per year.

In addition, the report estimates that by 2020, Vietnam's GDP per capita will reach 2,756-3,219 U.S. dollars per year, lower than earlier set target of 3,200-3,500 U.S. dollars, said the press release.

In late 2015, the NA targeted Vietnam's GDP growth at 6.7 percent in 2016.

BERLIN, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- Eastern and Western Germany remain economically divided 27 years after their re-unification Nomar Mazara Rangers Jersey , an official report approved on Wednesday by the German Federal Government finds.

Although the differences between the two halves of the country have continued to decline since 1990, the average gap in output in 2016 was still 27 percent. Excluding the relatively-prosperous Berlin, the disparity would have been even higher at 32 percent.

"Germany's strong position in Europe and the wider world regularly overshadows its domestic tensions back home," Michael Broening Darwin Barney Rangers Jersey , policy expert at the think-tank "Friedrich Ebert Stiftung" (FES), told Xinhua on the subject.

"From an economic perspective, there is not one Germany but two," he added.

The unemployment rate in Eastern Germany more than halved from an annual average of 18.7 percent to 8.5 percent between 2005 and 2016 Jurickson Profar Rangers Jersey , but the figure was still significantly higher than the 5.6 percent recorded in Western Germany last year. In 2016, communal tax revenue in Eastern Germany merely amounted to 60 percent on average of government income recorded in Western Germany.

Wednesday's report, formally titled the "Annual Report on the State of German Union", was compiled by the official government appointee for Germany's new states Iris Gleicke (SPD). She noted that the pace of convergence between West and East had "slowed significantly" in the past decades.

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